Mighty Nish Band

The Mighty Nish Band

The Mighty Nish Band is not the typical cover band. We reinvent your favorite tunes by mixing and mashing them with a lot of fun and energy into something new that is our own. Our extensive set list has something for everyone from your great, great auntie to your youngest nephew and everyone in between. We will get them on the dance floor. To keep the party going we pick our songs on-the-fly by reading the crowd. We cram more songs into our sets than any other band because, much like a great DJ, there is no break in the music and we mix multiple songs into the live party mix. Most of our clients are true music lovers with very high expectations who are looking for truly unique live entertainment – no backing tracks here. We play and sing every note. At end of the non-stop, interactive, all-live show your guests will be chanting ‘One more song!’